The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod 1.7

Давно вышел, но мы не анонсировали The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod — TSLRCM версии 1.7 (является моддинговым проектом для игры Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords разработанным моддерами Stoney, Zbyl2 и SWfan28). Целью проекта является восстановление контента, вырезанного из игры из-за сжатых сроков. Скачать его можно здесь

Итак, изменения:

* Battle music will keep playing after escaping Peragus until you jump into hyperspace
* Fixed facing problems in conversation between Handmaiden and Atton
* Tweaked Bao-Dur‘ s Jedi training
* Removed fadeout in the middle of Goto-HK conversation
* Added missing animations in Kreia-Atton conversation, after Atton becomes a Jedi
* Removed Mira from cockpit after landing on Dxun
* Restored cut dialog lines for Atton and Kreia
* Fixed animations after defeating Visas
* Fixed some skipped lines in Handmaiden‘ s dialog
* Lowered the required quest state to ask Bao-Dur about lightsaber
* Added some XP rewards in Mira‘ s dialog
* Fixes to Mira‘ s dialog
* Fixed disc4.dlg blocking cutscene that was supposed to be played next
* Fixed infinite INF issue for Disciple
* Fixes to T3-M4‘ s dialog
* Tweaked HK torture scene
* Tweaked Mandalore‘ s dialog

* Emergency lockdown overwritten can no longer be repeated indefinitely
* Fixes 2 awkward looking «jumps» in HK-50‘ s dialog
* Added an option to ask about T3 in the fuel-lines in the main question branch of HK-50‘ s dialog
* Fixed medlab dialog file
* Fixed some overlays lasting too long.
* Fixed an issue with the journal being set to «got 1 part of the splice» without having a sonic sensor
* Maintanance officer console: added a missing check and journal skill set action for failure of that check when having the sonic sensor, like with the same option without sonic sensor.
* Fixed an error in the «Rescue T3» mission and one in the «Turbolift Lockdown».
* Admoff.dlg: Made first half of second holo skippable now, and added camera overlay once the gas comes in
* Fixes long pause before Sien gets taken down by Coorta.
* Fixed incorrectly shown amount of parts needed to fix healing droid
* Rmedoff.dlg: Fixed incorrect animation used during 3rd holo
* emerstat.dlg: Made the switch off animation of the force field unskippable to prevent the gamestopping bug of exiting and saving before it‘ s registered to be ‘ down‘ and being unable to try again at the console.
* Med-logs: Mouth moves with the warning.
* Restored Kreia‘ s line after Sion‘ s arrival
* HK-47‘ s door sealed during Sith boarding Ebon Hawk part
* Broken terminals no longer becomes active when interacted with
* Coorta‘ s assassin droids no longer get stuck while leaving
* 3C-FD doesn‘ t stay irreperably damaged in 103PER
* Fixed bug, where the droid that spawns to take down the door does not ‘ suffer‘ the effects you gave all those droids with the droid controller
* Made «Coorta, coorta, are you dead yet?» line unskippable
* Restored 3cfd‘ s dialog to prologue
* Fixed script to remove prologue items

* Door will now close during your «meeting» with two bounty hunters for Luxa
* Fixed possibility of playing pazzak with Mebla «for credits» with no credits left
* Tweaked camera angle in one of cutscenes in Atris‘ secret academy
* Restored Atton and Bao-Dur‘ s lines
* Fixed some skipped lines in Riiken‘ s convo
* Added planet information to «False Batu Rem» quest
* Restored more conversations with Atris
* Added missing skill checks
* Fixed Kreia‘ s animation when crashing in restoration zone
* Fixed some missing movies after meeting Carth
* Fixed skipped line when talking to Green after helping mercenaries on Dantooine
* Fixed persuade skill check in Lorso‘ s dialog
* Fixed Falt‘ s dialog and restored his quest
* Restored some more lines in Luxa‘ s dialog
* Restored a wave file for broken HK-50 (removed by Obsidian‘ s 1.0b patch)

* Removed influence hit on current party member after helping Chano
* Fixed Atton jumping to the other side of the module when fighting bounty hunters as Atton/Mira/T3
* You can no longer ask refugee near the Tienn‘ s shop about Zez-Kai Ell after finishing the planet
* Made some Visquis‘ lines skippable
* Added missing clairvoyance effect when learning Force Breath
* Fixed bug, when escape tunnels door would open after exile entered Visquis‘ stronghold
* Fixed some facing problems in cantina
* Some overral changes to the part where Atton, Bao-Dur and third party member have to run to Jekk‘ Jekk Tarr
* It‘ s no longer possible to have HK-47 shoot HK-50s on Nar Shaddaa
* HK-50s will no longer spawn on Goto‘ s Yacht if HK-47 is a party member
* Restored some Zhug‘ s lines referring to their brothers on Dxun
* Fixed Zez-Kai Ell referring to Revan as male when set to female
* Some other fixes to Zez-Kai Ell‘ s dialog
* Fixed kaalanah taking your money when not supposed to
* Restored «welcome back» line in bartender‘ s conversation in cantina
* Fixed infinite DS points issue in bartender‘ s dialog
* Fixed incorrect credit checks
* You don‘ t get any XP for lying to Sullustan anymore, you get more DS points now though and a proper journal entry is added for this instance
* Fixed some skipped lines in Hussef‘ s convo
* Fixed possibility of Kreia talking to «servant of Atris» when playing female, before Visas joins the party
* Fixes Red eclipse issue

* Restored some Zhug‘ s lines referring to their brothers on Nar Shaddaa
* Changed camera angle when Tobin talks to his soldier
* Fixed Kreia‘ s line «and who else» getting skipped every time.

* Fixed Terlyn‘ s dialog ending too soon
* Fixes to Kavar‘ s dialog when playing as Jedi Guardian
* Disabled possibility of killing Bostuco after meeting Kavar in cantina
* Fixes to Panar‘ s dialog

* Fixes to Vrook‘ s dialog
* Fixes to Pato‘ s dialog
* Improved militia‘ s dlg
* Fixed incorrect journal entries

* Added missing lipsync for Disciple on Malachor
* Fixed Sion‘ s animations when reporting female exile‘ s arrival
* Fixed some facing issues in Kreia vs party members scene
* Tweaked Handmaiden‘ s dialog
* Fixed the «press 1 to proceed» issue
* Blocked option about Hanmaiden during Atton‘ s death when playing female
* Tweaked camera angle when talking to Atton at game ending to avoid bad looking camera change

* Kaevee‘ s dialog fully translated into French if you choose French version during installation

* Fixed an instance where the «Lost Shadows» quest on Dantooine couldn‘ t be completed.
* Restored an additional line during the Dxun arrival and added a Ebon Hawk cutscene that was missing, which will only play while Atton is doing his ‘ repairs‘ .

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