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Super Saber Glitch

Be careful doing this. It seemed like I had some save game issues when doing it with the ultima pearl for some reason, so be careful and keep some backup saves!

Anyways, here's how you do it:

1. Make use of this saber duplication glitch on a saber that has some upgade crystals in it:

While onboard the Ebon Hawk, equip Visas with a lightsaber. Go to your workbench, and choose to upgrade an item. Go to the lightsaber list, and select the saber Visas has equipped. Select the color crystal, and change it to a different one and assemble. Select the color crystal again, but DON'T change it, just hit assemble again with the same crystal that is on there. This should cause an extra, duplicate saber to appear in your inventory. With the new saber in your inventory, save your game and reload it, and you will offically have the duplicate saber.

2. After you've done that about 10 times, disassemble them all and pull out the crystals.

3. Open up one of the empty lightsabers and put one of the ten or so crystals into the BOTTOM CRYSTAL SLOT and leave the top one empty.

4. Construct the saber and exit the workbench.

5. Go back into the workbench and open up the lightsaber. Place the exact same kind of crystal that you have in the bottom into the top slot.

6. Construct the saber then go back and look at it. One of the crystals is gone but the saber still has the bonuses of both, contained in the top crystal.

7. Move that top crystal to the bottom slot and construct the saber again. Then repeat steps 3 — 7 ont he same saber to make one massively powerful crystal.

Note: Things such as Regen and DC bonuses will not stack with this though.

Characters Development

Jedi Guardian

Essentials #1

The Jedi Guardian allows for aggressive attacks and has more melee feats than other classes.

When you start the game, just press the Y button on the attributes screen if you're not certain on how much you should spend, but keep in mind as the game goes on, you should have strength, dexterity and constitution. Constitution is very important for those implants like the regenerative ones.

For feats, I recommend that you choose dual-weapon fighting all the way to Master Proficiency, allowing for more damage than a normal one hand attack — the penalties can really hurt with less than Master! Also upgrade your critical strike. Remember, this feat can cause major damage an even stun opponents. For max efficiency, later in the game, utilize multiple feats. Upgrade flurry and power attack later. If power attack is upgraded to Master, you will have the ability to slice through minor opponents in seconds.

For Force Powers, always go aggressive. In the beginning, the recommended power the game will give you is Force Sonic Scream. This is useless in my opinion. Instead choose either Force Push, Stun, Lightning, Drain Life, or something else that is more aggressive in nature. When you're leveling up, I suggest you get Force Wave, Death Field, Stasis Field, and Force Immunity as early as possible. Immunity causes force powers from enemies to be nullified. For the rest, just take what you like.

Jedi Consular

General Strategy including Watchman and Master

I like being the Jedi Consulars and the Scoundrels, and with the introduction of yet another equivalent type of character, the Jedi Watchman, I like being them as well. It is impulsive, I like being able to use a wide variety of force powers without worrying about force point costs, and if you do consider this half alternative to the Jedi Consular approach:

Originally, when you make your starting character, for the attributes give him/her 15 wisdom, 15 strength, and 14 or 15 charisma. As you upgrade, provide points for strength wisdom and Charisma only, keeping a majority on strength. Also, for the skills give the character only 1 point for computer, security, repair, stealth, and demolitions, leaving the rest for persuade, awareness, and treat injury for the remainder of the game (ignore computer use, security, repair, stealth, and demolitions for all other upgrades). Make your treat injury twice as strong as awareness and persuade, and keep this ratio the entire game.

Normally, and as suggested by the game, you pay more attention to intelligence and dexterity instead of strength. Also, as a Consular or Scoundrel type character, you use computer, security, demolitions, and repair skills for benefit over all areas. However for the strategy I am about to explain, you do not do either of these. In the game, several other characters present themselves with skills in computer use, security, demolitions, and repair that will always surpass yours unless you concentrate on one of those skills solely, which from my experience is unwise. Kreia always suggests you not rely on your friends at all, but for the best results, it is always the best decision to exploit their strengths. Improving those skills would be a waste because as long as you have Bao-Dur (who is much better than T3) available, you will never need them, and in the instance that you cannot switch out Bao-Dur, like during situations where you will fight a lord or master or boss of some sort, his skills will be mainly unneeded. Even if you need his skills and cannot obtain him, with 1 skill point on all of the skills, you can quickly switch out implants, visors, gloves, armor, and utility belts to help boos your points to a level higher than you really need for those situations anyway.

As for explaining the un-consular/scoundrel like attributes, consider this: you are a Jedi, and your only needed strong points are the force and your lightsaber. Intelligence boosts your skills, and if you follow my model to the letter, you will not need very many skill points, and thus not much intelligence. As for Dexterity, you are a Consular/Scoundrel; your defense is nothing anyways. Also, dexterity boosts ranged attacks, like those of a blaster, which, as soon as you get your lightsaber, will all be used as garage sale items for chump change anyways. To cover for this lack of dexterity, if female, give her one of the Zeison Sha light armors (which do not restrict force powers), and add modifications as desired, or if male, give him a descent master robe and your characters defense will be sufficient. For constitution, remember that you’re a Consular/Scoundrel, and you are weak in vitality anyways, so many points won’t be needed.

As for Charisma, Wisdom, and Strength; Charisma and Wisdom make your force points very strong, hard to resist and more effective. Charisma also adds modifiers to your party allowing them to make up for your now obvious weaknesses in defense and overall skill. For the ultimate oddball, your strength should be high, as high as you can manage without sacrificing too much wisdom or charisma. For your gloves, keep something that boosts strength, like the Sith power gauntlets, or even better and when you get them, the Sith Power Gauntlets. Do your best to add as many, and as high of modifiers to your strength, charisma, and wisdom using your equipment as you can.

The advantage of all of this is for offensive success. Your strength and force powers are so powerful in battle, that every sith lord goes down in 2 or 3 flurry attack alone without any force upgrades, and with your force powers goes down in 2 strikes, and sometimes 1. If you take life threatening damage, master heal, and the fact that 50% of all your skill points went to treat injury, will cause you and your party will be healed to 100% in 2 or 3 uses (or in a dark side game just you). I concentrated as much as I could on strength because with my cyan double-bladed lightsaber with damage upgrades only (my personal crystal included) and my Dominator Gauntlets I defeated Darth Traya within 10 minutes using improved flurry, battle meditation and master heal.

And to sum everything up: A consular relies on the force and their skills to win rather than brute strength. Because so many characters are presented to you with extremely high skill modifiers, going the path of high skills and intelligence is pointless because a quick switch of secondary characters out does your personal characters abilities in an instant. This leaves your consular character with its force and nothing else, which will never win you the game. Because you wield a lightsaber, which is a range less melee weapon, strength is the best option for boosting it. If you do just that; that leaves you with the following situation: You are a Jedi with massively powerful and abundant force opportunities, with a massively powerful lightsaber and your party is a party of extreme skill in many areas. This I found to be successful at the end, despite my «lower» level.

Jedi Watchman

General Strategy #1

I started out as a Jedi Sentinel before choosing this class. I began with these stats: Str 10, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 12. The first chance I got I bumped up my Con. to 16 in order to allow me better implant capability, after that all my points went into Dex. Much like the Sith assassin, you should focus on Dexterity and make sure you get Finesse: Melee Weapon, and Finesse: Lightsaber. If you play as a light side Sentinel you will get a +3 to your Con. as opposed to a dark side which gives you +3 to your Dex. I felt a little cheated at first because I wanted my Dex as high as possible, however this does help out with hit points which can make a significant difference in the big battles, particularly Darth Sion.

As far as powers are concerned I would max out your Speed, Armor, and Valor. This will make a huge difference towards the end when you receive the Enlightenment power. Force Wave, Dominate Mind and Destroy Droid are also recommended. This class also gets the option of Force camouflage which can be fun if you go it alone, however I found it more fun to just rush in with Lightsabers flashing. I took Force Confusion towards the end of the game which is mildly amusing to turn enemies against one another.

Since the Jedi Watchman is a skills heavy class you may choose to put more attribute points into Intelligence to get more skill points per level. This will allow you to create better upgrade items earlier on. Items and Lightsaber crystals should focus on raising your Dex, as well as Cha. and Wis.

I never wore armor. I used robes that increased my stats. When you can create Bio Restorative Underlay Mark V, add it to your Jedi Robes...it's awesome.

I preferred Master Flurry when in combat. Other Skill: Master Two Weapon Fighting, Toughness, and the Finesse feats. If you combine Master Flurry, with Master two-weapon fighting and Master Speed (power) you have an attack that will kill the majority of enemies in one attack. If you add Master Valor on top of that... Lord help those who stand in your way.

Sith Assassin

General Strategy #1

I really liked this class. I started out as a Sentinel and focused on raising my Dex. This class allows for a good range of skills as well as being able to fire a blaster pretty well at the beginning of the game. I started out with the following stats: Str 10, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 12. Make sure you have the feat Lightsaber Finesse by the time you construct your first Lightsaber. I think this allows your sentinel or Sith Assassin to be even more deadly than a Guardian/ Jedi Weapons Master/ Sith Marauder because when your Dex is really high and you have Lightsaber Finesse you are getting the same bonuses that those classes get from strength, however since you are wearing robes you are also getting the Dex bonus on your Armour Class, which means that your AC will be much higher than one of the warrior classes.

But the most important thing is that you are able to use all your Jedi powers, and believe me when you are alone and walk into a room full of enemies, you can bust out a dose of Force Wave and then decimate them with your Lightsaber. Dex should be the primary stat you raise, however you should also increase your Wisdom and Charisma to improve your Force powers. My Con. wasn't that high, however if I play again I may raise it a little to allow for better implant capability. I didn't use the Sith Assassin’s stealth ability until the end of the game when I was all alone. It was definitely useful against the Storm Beasts.

The only trouble I had was in the Mandalorian battle circle, I didn't have Melee Weapon Finesse so I was unable to beat one of the tougher Mandalorian with a long sword, so if this is important to you, than you may want to take that feat even though you won't use it much other than in this one instance. I used Flurry the majority of the time. Recommended Force Powers are Force Wave, Master Speed, Kill, Death Field, Force Storm, and Mental Domination.

Use Items that pump up your Dex, Wis, and Cha; follow the above suggestions and Sith and Jedi alike will quiver at the approach of your Sith Assassin.

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